Drew Baron

Hi, my name is Drew. I’m an artist and developer in internet culture. I received a B.A. in Philosophy from Bates College and an M.F.A. in Design and Technology from Parsons in New York City. Below are a few of the projects I’ve created, and links to my other works and sites.


Creator, Founder

On a mission to democratize the moving image, from 2004 – 2009 Rocketboom was by many statistical measures the most watched and talked about videoblog in the world. Rocketboom set standards for short-form storytelling, digital video production, online distribution technology, online video promotion, and video commerce on the internet. 


Rocketboom was voted Forbes “Best of The Web”, Time Magazine’s “The Best in The Online World”, heralded in New York Times’ “critic’s notebook” as “amusing and ambitious”, and won multiple Streamy and Webby awards. Rocketboom was also presented on stage by Steve Jobs during his famous product rollouts, twice, to introduce the first Video iPod, and the first AppleTV.

Know Your Meme

Creator, Founder

I created the Know Your Meme show and meme database in 2007 for people to learn about and document memes. Know Your Meme introduced the mainstream to the topic of memes and became the authority on meme culture. Know Your Meme was added to the Library of Congress in 2010.


Creator, Founder

In 2015 I released Humanwire as a platform to connect donors one-to-one with families fleeing war. The international effort brought personalized relief to thousands of displaced people with operations in Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, Jordan, Greece, Iraq, and Malaysia. In 2017 I was falsely accused of taking money from the business. In 2020, my case was completely dismissed and I was acquitted of all counts. Due to the severity of the false information published in the press, my case was sealed and the arrest record was removed. If you are interested in learning about the complete effort, see: “On Humanwire“.