Meme Talks


Join Andrew Baron as he delves into the fascinating world of internet memes, and explicates the whys and wherefores of information that spreads. Blending humor and thought-provoking analysis, this visual lecture series goes far beyond the silly to consider the large-scale philosophical and sociological impacts of internet culture on our times.


Taking to cities and small towns across America, Baron leads audiences on a profound journey through the history of internet memes, from the early days of internet forums, to the rise of social media platforms, and into tomorrow’s semantic web. Baron’s talks consider the factors behind the creation and spread of memes, as well as the impacts they have on societies at large.


Memes have become a universal language, transcending geographic and economic boundaries to serve as a unique form of communication, entertainment, and social commentary. Whether you are unfamiliar with memes or a long-time connoisseur, it will be impossible to leave this talk without a more enriched understanding of internet culture, a defining form of representation in The Information Age.

Summer/Fall 2023 Dates Coming Soon

Prior Talks, Lectures, and Keynotes

American Forum, American U, Washington DC

Analyze Boulder, Boulder, CO
Apple Computers Educational Campus, Austin, TX
Art and Commerce- Retreat, NYC, NY
Bar Camp, New York, New York
Bar Camp Block, Palo Alto, CA
Best of the Blogs (BOBs), Berlin, Germany
Beyond Broadcast, Boston, MA
Blogference, Tel Aviv, Israel
Boulder Start Up Week, Boulder, CO
Case Camp, Toronto, CA
CBI – Early Access, Philadelphia, PA
Columbia University, NYC, NY
Congressional Internet Caucus: State of the Net Conference, Washington, DC
Communications in PR, NYC, NY, Keynote
Computers, Finance, and Privacy, “Life Liberty & Digital Rights”, Washington, DC
CRV CEO Summit, Phoenix, Arizona
Democracy Project, Media Giraffe, Boston, MA
Digimart, Montreal, CA
Digital Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA
Digital TV Outlook, Munich
DIY Media Festival, NYC, NY
DTV Symposium, De Moines, IA
Edelman New Media Summit, NYC
France 24, Paris, France
Friar’s Club Comedy Film Festival, NYC, NY
House of Genius, Boulder, CO
IAC Village Ventures – NYC
IFP Filmmaker Conference, NYC, NY
Ignite, NYC, NY
Intel “Luz Camera Enter”, Mexico City, Mexico
Internet Week, NYC
IPTV Outlook 20, Germany, Keynote
iSummit Conference, Toronto, CA
MacWorld Expo, San Francisco, CA
Mesh, Toronto, CA
Museum of Moving Image, Brooklyn, NY
Nation Association of Broadcasters, Dallas, TX
New York Video 2.0 Group, NYC, NY
NewCo, Boulder, CO
NXNEi, Toronto, CA
NYC Web Video Round Table, NYC, NY
NYU Class, NYC, NY
NYU Journalism, NYC, NY
NY Tech Meetup, NYC, NY
NY Video 2.0, NYC, NY
One Web Day, NYC, NY
Parsons School of Design, NYC, NY
Pixelodeon, Los Angeles, CA
Picnic, Amsterdam, Holland, Keynote
Podcamp, Boston, MA and Pittsburg, PA
Podcamp Halifax, CA
Podcamp, Pittsburg, PA
Podcast Hotel, San Francisco, CA, Keynote
Podcast New Media Expo, Long Beach, CA, Keynote
Podcamp, NYC, NY
Portable Film Fest, Sydney, Melbourne.& Perth, AU
Producers Guild of America, NYC, NY
Professional Futures Discussion, Washington DC
Real-Time Stream Conference San Francisco, CA
SIFT, Ottawa, Canada
Streaming Media East, NYC, NY
Streaming Media West, San Jose, CA
Startup Week, Toronto, CA
SXSW (South by Southwest), Austin, TX
TEDx, Sacramento, CA
University of Colorado: Media Studies, Boulder, CO
Videoblogging Workshop, DGC Members, NYC, NY
Video On the Net Conference, Boston, MA  Video Journalism: Non-stop News, NYC, NY
Vloggercon, SanFrancisco, CA
Wall St Journal Digital Network Day, NYC, NY
Web Video 2.0, NYC, NY
Web 2.0 Summit, San Francisco, CA
Web 2.0, NYC, NY
Women’s Animators Group, NYC, NY

Interested in having Meme Talks at your organization, or in your city or small town? It’s easy. Scheduling 2023/2024. Contact.


Technical Requirements: None.

Talk requires projector & projection screen via integration into venue’s A/V system or speaker’s equipment.

Audience size: 5 to 250

Promotional: Artist local & regional media ahead of event.

Typical venue type: Theater, lecture hall, art galley, bookstore, comedy club, library

Rating: PG. No profanity, no R-rated imagery.

Time: 60min or 90min

Andrew Baron on Memes TEDx

“There is great value in understanding the intrinsic qualities of an idea and the environment in which an idea spreads.”